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Top Shelf is a contactless mobile ordering platform which allows guests to order food and drinks via our website or app conveniently from their cellphone.


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Top Shelf Dine-In Features

Top Shelf is bringing a new experience to dining in with the following features.

  • Pre-Order from home/office through mobile phone/computer/tablet prior to dining in.
  • Fast seating and check-in by showing Top Shelf's dine in pre-order.
  • Reduce the time it takes to receive your meal by pre-ordering.
  • Customers are able to place orders for food and drinks from the restaurant's menu via the Top Shelf website after they have been seated, rather than waiting for a waiter to take their order.
  • Pre-pay or self pay is available, which reduces the wait time to pay the bill.
  • Supports bill splitting and payments from several guests from their devices.

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