New Way of Ordering Food & Dining Out

Top Shelf is bringing a new experience to dining with the following features:
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Boost Your Restaurant's Business


Increase Your Restaurant's Visibility

Allow guests to find your restaurant easily on the Top Shelf App and be remembered for the taste of your specialities


Extend Your Reach

Make your menu accessible to customers anywhere they have internet access and use of a smartphone, tablet or any other web enabled device


Go Paperless

Digital menus with colorful mouth watering images, in addition to automated receipts


Make Your Restaurant Hi Tech

Order food and drinks, pay your bill and tip your server via the Top Shelf App from your cell phone


Reward Customers As Well As Yourself

With a reduction in operational costs due to automations, you can offer more discounts to your customers. Our system also encourages higher tips for your staff


Quick & Easy Payments

Quick and easy payments either in advance or after dining


More Customers and Orders

Our system gives your customers the ability to invite their friends/family to their dinner party

Top Shelf Dine-In Features

Top Shelf is bringing a new experience to dine-in with the following features.

  • Pre-Order from home or office from any web enabled device prior to or while dining.
  • Fast Check-In by showing Top Shelf's reservation on your mobile device.
  • Reduced Service Time by pre-ordering food and drinks.
  • Reduce Ordering Time by perusing a digital menu on your mobile device.
  • Pay With Ease via Top Shelf's app or website and have your receipt emailed to you
  • Easy Bill Splitting by tracking different guest's orders and providing individual bills or customized bill splitting options.

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